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My warmest greetings to the Philippine Association of Health Maintenance Organization Companies Inc. (PAHMOC) on the occasion of its Formal Launching.

I laud the group's initiatives to come together in order to provide quality medical insurance for the public. By giving patients a new network of reliable hospitals and competent medical professionals, it offers them more choices that fit their needs and budget. Indeed, PAHMOC is our proactive partner in setting up the standards in health management.

We, in government, are grateful that this organization contributes to our mission of establishing a truly reliable healthcare system, especially for the poor and the marginalized sectors in society. Together with PhilHealth, we get to guarantee that every Filipino can avail of a comprehensive range of services.

May this event strenghten its members' resolve to protect our countrymen against health-related financial risks. I hope that the industry's key players continue to uphold their shared task of making lasting changes in their sectors. Join us in realizing our vision of creating a more comfortable and healthier life for the Filipino people.

Congratulations and I wish you all the best.

Rodrigo Roa Duterte
The President of the Philippines


My warmest greetings to the Philippine Association of Health Maintenance Organization Companies Inc. (PAHMOC).

The promotion of universal healthcare is one of the pillars of Angat Buhay, a program that is geared towards raising the quality of life of every Filipino family. It seeks to promote healthy lives and ensure the well-being of our countrymen by increasing the number of Filipinos covered by health insurance or the public health system, especially mothers and children.

We, therefore, laud the initiative and commitment of PAHMOC to work together towards the promotion of health and insurance in the country. Through your efforts and dedication for affordable healthcare, we hope that we will be able to reach more families, especially those in the farthest, smallest, and poorest communities in our country.

Mabuhay kayong lahat.

Leni Robredo
Vice President of the Philippines


Congratulations to the Philippine Association of Health Maintenance Organization Companies (PAHMOC) in this very momentous launch of their association.

With a developing nation such as ours, we need mentally and physically strong citizens who will work with vigor and passion so that our country would move towards the greatness we envision for it. And institutions such as HMOs which are committed to ensuring that our people would receive quality medical care and attention at a reasonable price, when necessary, are always welcome and deserving of government support.

It has been two years since the regulation and supervision over HMOs was transferred from the Department of Health (DOH) to the Insurance Commission, and since then, guidelines for the licensing of HMOs as well as for the approval of HMO products have been put in place. While transitory activities are posing some challenges on both our ends, we trust that with a common goal, we will eventually resolve and overcome these challenges.

From here, PAHMOC and the lnsurance Commission shall work together to create an environment that furthers the growth of the HMO industry. As the Commission endeavors to provide a regulatory environment that supports cohesive progress and adaptability to the developments in the HMO industry, we earnestly hope that PAHMOC will be able to live up to its purpose of promoting the growth of the HMOs in the Philippines by expanding access to affordable health care coverage through a competitive market that fosters choice, quality and innovation.

Again, my congratulations to PAHMOC.



Warm greetings to the officers and members of the Philippine Association of HMO Companies (PAHMOC) on their inauguration as an organization.

The pursuit of universal health care underscores the values we aspire for in line with President Duterte’s promise of “tunay na pagbabago”. Equity, efficiency, quality, and transparency – these values are the backbone of this Administration’s health agenda called the Philippine Health Agenda (PHA) 2016-2022.

Through the PHA, we aim to 1) guarantee services that provide care for all life stages and address the triple burden of diseases; 2) ensure services are available, accessible, acceptable, affordable, of quality and equitable; and 3) sustainably finance these services through universal health insurance.

As of December last year, 91% of Filipinos are already covered by PhilHealth. Thirty-six percent of Filipinos are mandatorily enrolled in the formal sector, while fifty-five percent who are either poor or senior citizens are already subsidized by the national government. The legacies we want to leave the Filipino people is 100 percent universal health insurance coverage for all Filipinos.

We are in the last mile towards our race to universal health care, and this will be the hardest. The next step for the Department of health is to reach the unreached, those who cannot or do not access our health services. And so we will be conducting health check-ups for these unreached pockets of the population, so that, in the finish line, no Filipino will say that he has not seen a doctor.

If we achieve our goals of financial protection, responsiveness, and better health outcomes, then our commitment ot the entire Filipino nation is fulfilled. We owe it to the Filipino people especially the poor and the marginalized because health is everyone’s fundamental right.

May your new organization be a responsive partner in our quest for universal health care as we work together to achieve our shared vision of All for Health towards Health for All!

Congratulations and mabuhay!

Paulyn Jean B. Rosell-Ubial, MD, MPH, CESO II


Starting a new organization is indeed a Herculean task. But the challenge becomes easy when all of the members are leaders who are committed to deliver quality health care among its members while being fair to each and every stakeholder of the business.

Philippine Association of Healthcare Maintenance Organization Companies (PAHMOC) was conceived with a common goal of serving the evolving needs of the market it serves. The organization welcomes diversity while inspiring collaboration by building on the unique strengths of each member. Every associate of PAHMOC is here to work together to give quality service to clients, offer the fairest partnership with doctors & providers and make a good return to the company it represents.

Today, marks the inauguration day of PAHMOC and I would like to congratulate each of us members because today begins the new challenges and victories of the organization.

Christian S. Argos
Philippine Association of HMO Companies
President & CEO
Maxicare Healthcare Corporation


In behalf of the 11 founding member-organizations of the Philippine Association of HMO Companies, Inc. (PAHMOC), I extend our indebtedness to the inspiration and encouragement of all our business partners, stakeholders, healthcare providers, employees and friends.

The commitment we make to each other through PAHMOC not only brings out a sense of enthusiasm and fulfillment, but also the assurance of solidarity, relevance, and self-regulation for the benefit of all our members and partners  – reciprocal of their trust and support through the years.

Together at the forefront.

We toast with you as we formally seal our bond and vow to work together in upholding our shared values and principles, while evolving the HMO industry to new heights of success.


Armando S. Macalino
Philippine Association of HMO Companies
Value Care Health System, Inc.