At present, the amount of laborer with healthcare coverage was quite staggering. Literally millions of laborer in the Philippines had no health insurance at all or were under coverage and this did not get the quality of care they may have needed. That is because under coverage individuals may have policies that do not cover every type of service or may have ones with high out-of pocket costs. Only those who can afford can avail very comprehensive healthcare programs. Because of these was the birth of ASIANCARE HEALTH SYSTEMS INC., a leading provider of healthcare needs that caters to minimum wagers and laborers who deserves to have quality health care that is affordable and real value for their hard-earned money.

ASIANCARE HEALTH SYSTEM INC. has developed into becoming a premier and committed HMO provider in the country continuously providing comprehensive healthcare programs through its broad network of medical providers and strengthened client support.

ASIANCARE HEALTH SYSTEM INC. takes pride of its valuable achievements with more than thousands of accredited doctors and specialists, strategically accredited hospital and clinics nationwide and a growing number of primary and customer care center.

Asiancare now services over thousands of member across the country from factories, manpower agencies, security agencies, small and medium enterprises to name a few.

Driven by its vision to serve and provide value to its members, ASIANCARE HEALTH SYSTEMS INC. Shall remain stimulated and committed to its mission of helping people actualize peace of mind and providing quality healthcare service.