It is only when we are in our most helpless state that we are able to fully appreciate the need to be cared for in a way that very often neither our extended family, friends nor government entities can manage or afford to give. And very often things happen without warning: a serious illness or an accidental injury – threatening life and limb. What is worse is our often inadequate preparedness or lack of it to address these threats and the financial disaster it brings with it especially if one is a daily wage earner. To blunt this threat and minimize the economic devastation that it inflicts on the family and friends of the average working man is the mission of Carewell Health Systems Inc., an investor-based Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). With a membership base consisting mostly of daily wage earners, Carewell is rapidly fulfilling its noble mission of serving the healthcare needs of the very people who need it the most. This paramount mission has shaped Carewell’s corporate policy: affordability, prompt payment, financial assistance, open door, flexibility, inventiveness and a caring, personalized, attentive, quality service. With this mission in mind and at heart, Carewell – Godwilling – hopes to soon become a leading Health Maintenance Organization in the Philippines.