Established to provide efficient programs that shall be the prudent alternative in terms of coverage,
service quality and cost. We advocate providing our clients with the very best of services and
product quality – a commitment anchored on professional customer focus.

Managed and ably manned by experienced, caring and committed personnel, EastWest
Healthcare’s manpower consists of medical expertise with extensive and varied exposures,
knowledge and ability in healthcare maintenance organization concepts and operations.

EastWest Healthcare integrates itself with its accredited entities in the effort of providing
healthcare, with service as the foremost objective in each respective vision and mission. Leaders
in the medical industry that are one with EastWest Healthcare includes: Hospitals, Full-Service
Clinics, Medical Doctors, Dentists, Specialty Medical and/or Health facilities all over the country.
We take pride of broad facilities nation-wide. Eastwest Healthcare is now accredited with 1,339
hospitals, medical and dental clinics and over 16,000 doctors.

At Eastwest Healthcare you are allowed to access services of your not accredited preferred
doctors, hospital, clinic. Full covers shall apply whether emergency or non emergency case.
Without Coinsurance, without deductible. Salient cover that makes our unique coverage truly
meeting your needs.

With focus on total service commitment to our members, EastWest Healthcare expectantly places
a smile with every service rendered – a sincere and reliable plan administrator. EastWest
Healthcare is your partner. the prudent choice!
EastWest Healthcare advocates its core values – Compassion. Innovation. Dedication. Values we
shall maintain all the times.

Official Representative: Rustie C. Porciuncula – Chairman and CEO

Alternate Representatives : Dra. Ma. Annabelle “Belle” Sanchez – Medical Director

Dr. Ken Lascano – Deputy Medical Director

and Head Provider Relations

Ms. Ginalyn V. Luro – Compliance Officer