IMS Wellth Care, Inc. (IWC), an HMO company established in September 2002 that first introduced the Daily Hospitalization Benefit Program (DHBP) as the most viable health care delivery method specifically aimed at market segments not particularly addressed or attended to by most players in the industry. This product design enables the company to lower the healthcare cost that ultimately redounds to the benefit of the working class, the low income groups and the self-employed or entrepreneurs who direly need healthcare protection coverage. Changing demands have caused the company to venture into traditional HMO plans giving a wider choice of healthcare programs to its clientele. Customizing product mix for particular clientele is an attribute IWC has made for itself that distinguishes it from the rest, whether this be for national or local government personnel, deployed manpower, corporate accounts, OFW dependents, and many more.

Standing out among most, if not all HMO’s today, IWC prides itself in sustaining the accreditation of more than 300 hospitals and clinics nationwide. Supporting this network are some 5,200 highly trained and experienced medical specialists in the various specialization fields. Company branches have likewise been established in strategic locations in the various regions of the country to foster operating convenience and support efficient customer/client services. In line with the Company’s aggressive campaign for the implementation of its Preventive Care and Health Maintenance Program for its members, it has put up its own clinics and laboratories and establishes tie-up clinic partners in selected areas nationwide to provide unlimited free medical consultation to its members/cardholders as well as to their qualified dependents. Laboratory and diagnostic procedures are likewise available for free to cardholders, as may be prescribed by the in-house physician. These are not deducted from the member’s or cardholder’s outpatient benefits.

Key to an enduring business relationship with IWC Service Providers is reliable communication connectivity with them. Crucial information interface is assured on matters of claims and settlements, client benefit entitlements and coverage, problem resolutions and the like, when a dependable groundwork is in place. The Customer Service Department provides a 24/7 service accessibility to members and service providers thru dedicated landlines and cellular phones including toll-free numbers.

IWC has also ventured into Third Party Administration Arrangements (TPA) which makes available to corporate clients its Hospital and Professional Networks as well as the Administration of the clients’
Healthcare Program for a fee, to provide the health protection and benefits to company officials and employees. The TPA is an emerging variant that is gaining ground and acceptability because of its built- in flexibility and its savings potentials for corporate clientele.

At the helm of IWC are reputable and experienced professionals in the broad fields of Medicine, Insurance, Government Service and Information Technology. Together, these professionals steer the company to directions and opportunities that make for its viability and profitability as well as timely quality service to its members.
IWC Incorporation: May 29, 2002

IWC Board of Directors
Jorge H.L. Perez – Chairman
Rodegelio R. Almanzor – President/CEO
Irmingarda Llorico – Corporate Secretary
Renato C. Felipe – Treasurer
Amando A. Mercado – Director
Josephine D.O. Almanzor – Director
Alejandro P. Bernardino Jr. – Director
Mr. Jose R. Mosquete – Independent Director
Atty. Ricardo V. Gloria – Independent Director

IWC Executive Officers
Rodegelio R. Almanzor – President/CEO

Jorge H.L. Perez – Officer in Charge of Accounting and Finance

Renato C. Felipe – VP/Compliance Officer
Irmingarda C. Llorico – VP for Operations/Corporate Services
Melanie Arante-Llagas, M.D. – Medical Director