The Maxicare Healthcare Corporation proudly celebrates its many valuable achievements as a healthcare company. It all started with a group of doctors and businessmen’s vision to deliver a better healthcare system. More than three decades later, Maxicare remains at the helm of the health maintenance organization (HMO) industry. 

Maxicare is a part of the Equicom Group, a strong and healthy ecosystem of companies engaged in information technology, computer services, banking and finance, and leasing. We constantly innovate and upgrade our services to meet the ever-growing demands of our clients for convenient, reliable, and delightful experiences. Being the HMO with the largest number of members, we ensure the safety and good health of our 1.6 million members across the country – servicing a wide range of customers from corporations to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, families, and individuals.

As the country’s leading HMO, Maxicare is ISO Certified and continuously provides high quality, comprehensive healthcare programs through our wide network of medical providers and strong customer support. Maxicare has more than 24,000 affiliated doctors and specialists, 1,400 hospitals and clinics, 1,000 dental clinics, 180 rehabilitation, dialysis, and eye centers. 

The breadth of our services, facilities, and tools aim to deliver a delightful healthcare experience to our members. With their safety in mind, Maxicare makes healthcare more convenient through our wholly-owned and operated Primary Care Centers (PCC) – the first of its kind – with 11 branches in key cities nationwide.We continue to expand throughout the country, to let more Filipinos have a truly relaxing experience in our PCCs. We provide easy access to health services through our Exclusive Maxicare Wings, Teleconsult and Videoconsult services, Hospital Help Desks, Corporate Clinics, and roving Lab On Wheels. Securing a Letter of Authorization (LOA) is made simpler through our Member Gateway, an all-in-one Maxicare portal that also offers a hassle-free review of members’ plan benefits, transaction history, and reimbursement claims. We have even developed apps like MaxiHealth so members can enjoy health and wellness at their fingertips from the safety of their homes.

Consumers from different walks of life and socio-economic classes may conveniently purchase affordable prepaid health cards like PRIMA Gold for senior citizens and PRIMA Silver for families with expecting mothers and children. To prepare Filipinos for accidents, we introduced EReady for emergencies and EReady Advance for emergencies with confinement. All these and more are readily available from the Maxicare online store, agents, merchants, brokers, and our corporate head office. Maxicare was also the first HMO to make prepaid products within easy reach on Lazada and Shopee.

We are driven by our vision to serve and provide value to our customers. We remain passionate and dedicated to our long-standing mission of providing convenient and reliable access to world-class healthcare. Ultimately, Maxicare shows Filipinos genuine care so that they may achieve a healthy well-being and peace of mind in order to truly live their best lives.